Saturday, December 18, 2010


On November 30th December 1st around 2 or 3 in the morning while Cole was screaming in my arms and I had absolutely NO idea what was wrong with him I gave him my finger to suck on as there were no pacifiers near me and they usually do the job of calming him down. That's when I felt it. His First Tooth! It's the left one of the middle two on the bottom. I was so excited! It automatically countered my frustration because I was so thrilled that my little baby had reached the milestone of getting his first tooth.

...Now how many more to go? How many more sleepless nights? How many more faces of disgust from Cole when I put Ora-gel on his gums?

Now almost two weeks later, it's VERY visible, part me is so sad that he wont have that ADORABLE gumless grin, but the other part can just picture him smiling with a mouth full of teeth and that sounds just as good too me.

Also a crawling update is mandatory, and I wish I could say he's mastered it... but he hasn't! HE IS SO CLOSE THOUGH! He totally gets how to move his legs (sometimes while up on his feet) but he can't figure out why he wont move forward ... and it's because his hands are firmly placed in front of him for support with no intention of moving. So he does this thing now where he just lunges forward, it kind of looks like he's doing a weird version of the worm. It gets him from the boring end of my living room to the other side which has the huge TV screen and green lights from the satellite box, Xbox360 ... so I don't think he's complaining.

Love, M

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Monday, November 29, 2010

Today I have a 6 month old...

It's so crazy. Six months gone by already! It really freaked me out when I reailzed and now I'm even more inclined to do blog and vlog updates on the regular just so I have more too look back on once Cole's all grown up.

It's crazy to think that in another 6 months he's going to be a 1 year old, toddling about and saying mama and dada and who knows what else.

I think he'll be crawling by Christmas, at least I hope so. I really want Coles first Christmas to be special so even though we live in a basement apartment with low ceilings I wanna get the best tree. Christmas is sooo soon! I'm so not ready. I'm never ready for it. Christmas shopping is always so hard, on me as well as my wallet. This year will be even more crazy. I had trouble last year walking around the crowded malls with pregnancy fatigue and whatever else I was going through that day, that seems like a piece of cake compared to steering a huge stroller through a crowded mall of insane shoppers. Maybe I'll do all my Christmas shopping online? I don't even know if that would be easier to be honest.

Picture from last Christmas, look at that little baby bump (And little Christmas Tree that I carried home on the subway myself!)

Anyways 6 month video is on it's way, I'm having some technically difficulties getting some videos onto Daniels Mac...I'm a PC-Girl...and a Mac-Retard, so it's taking some getting used too!

Love M

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The honeymoon is over...

For the first 4 and a half months of Cole's life all I did was boast about how good a baby he was! "He ALREADY sleeps through the night..." "He NEVER cries..." etc. etc. etc... Then things changed.

Around the time that we moved into our new house, and I'd love to blame it on a change in environment, but lets be honest here I definetly noticed a change before. For a while he was going to bed around 8:00pm every night and he'd pretty much stay in his crib, aside from the one or two feedings until about 10:00am (I know I had a baby who LOVES to sleep in, he's definitely my baby) But now it's in bed at 9:00, up at 11:30 for a couple hours then FINALLY down to sleep at 1 am! It's crazy! And let me tell you getting him to sleep is not a walk in the park either.

He does this thing now where he rubs his eyes when he's tired, a clear sign he wants a nap or wants to go to sleep. But does he follow through when I put him in his crib, of course not. He rolls onto his belly and starts CRYING! He hasn't quite figured out how to roll back onto his tummy yet so he can't roll back, but honestly even if he did know how I don't think he would do it. He does it for the attention I've realized because when I walk into his nursery with the sounds of ear piercing screams overflowing from inside, this is what I walk into...

Now don't get me wrong I'm not saying he's the WORST baby but he definitely gives me a headache...EVERY night now, but I have to admit walking into his nursery and seeing a HUGE smile on his face makes me smile every time and forget how frustrated I am that I have to go into his room and flip him over every 10 minutes. Daniel thinks we should let him cry it out, I refuse. I can't listen to him cry for longer then 5 minutes, it literally eats away at me.

On a happier note I think he will be crawling within weeks! He's so close! Sometimes when I go into his room and he's on his belly he's in the crawling stance! He's just gotta figure out how to move.

Oh how I love this little munchkin.

Love, M

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


So it's official we got an apartment! We've been living in my dads house for the past year and it's been great and all (Cole has his own room, etc) but we really need our own space. We found a very cute basement apartment where the kitchen meets my standards (VERY important for me, and hard to find on our budget) I love it! Move in date is November 1st! Very, very soon! Gotta start packing!!!!!!

Love M

Monday, October 25, 2010

5 Months!

Coles 5 month video (will also be posted on his monthly videos page)

Okay so I know I'm 3 days early, but I couldn't resist putting this video up. I worked really hard on it, and I loooooove it!!! I've been using Windows Live Movie Maker for my videos but I think this will be the last one that I make using that program. I got iLife 09' for Daniels' Mac and I'm going to start using that instead. It has ALOT more things you can do, and I'm kinda obsessed with making videos. I really want to re-do his first month one because when I made that one I didn't know I was going to do monthly videos and it doesn't really show much from his first month of life.

Halloween is in a few days and I'm of course dressing Cole up (it's a surprise so for the people who already know, shhhhhh) and I'm going to take him to a few peoples houses, his Aunts and a few close family friends, so that the can see him in his adorable costume. I love Halloween, mainly because it means my birthday is coming up!!!!!! I'm excited I go to my favorite restaurant for my birthday every year (usually only go once a year which is why I'm soooo excited for it) it's called Babur and it's an Indian restaurant (my fav food.)

I keep seeing Christmas commercials on TV... is that CRAZY or am I just in denial? Maybe I'll like Christmas this year.... maybe.

Love M

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Park, Vlogs and Sweet Potatoes

So, I realize that my consistency in blogging is lacking hardcore. Lifes busy. Cole is awesome!

He's rolling over more and somehow manages to move his head from one end of the crib to the idea how he does that! We went for his 4 month appointment on October 8th, and we found out he weighs 18lbs 7oz which is RIGHT in between what be and Daniel bet on(I said 18lbs 4oz and he said 18lbx 10oz). And he's 26 inches long. He's still a big boy.

We went to the park yesterday for our next door neighbours first birthday! It was a very cute party, of course Cole didn't get to partake in the pizza and cake eating but he did love playing on the swings and things of that sort.

I'm STILL trying to do some vlogs, but I just can't find the time. I really want to do a Nursery video for Cole's room, especially since we may be moving soon I really want Cole to know what his first room looked like. I've also been meaning to just do an update vlog, I got some new subscribers and it really pushed me to do it...but it just hasn't been done YET...

I made Cole his first batch of sweet potato food today. He doesn't really like the rice cereal and I've read up on it and apparently it's not necessary for rice cereal (or another type of cereal) to be their first foods. So today I made him sweet potato, I'm really excited to be making all his baby food myself. I feel like I kinda failed at breastfeeding, and this is something I want to do so he's getting the healthy, natural, organic foods instead of the stuff with added junk. It was very easy to make as well, I just washed and peeled one sweet potato (it's not necissary for me to over make baby foods right now because he's still getting used to it and he's not eating quite so much yet) then i cut it into little chunks and boiled it. After that I cooled them in a dish of cold water (potatoes in a bowl, bowl in dish full of cold water) then put them in the food processor and added some of the water that I boiled them in to make them thinner. After they were a good consistancy I put the mixture into an ice cube tray to freeze. Easy. I want to make all sorts now!!

Love M

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I just love my boys...

To be honest I don't know what I would do without my boys. Daniel is seriously my rock, he keeps me sane. We're having really bad luck finding an apartment, it's stressing me out hardcore, but Daniel always makes me see the brighter side of the situation which is good because I tend to over react. And he does so much for us, he literally works ALL the time, he barely gets to see Cole. That makes me really sad, because Cole needs his daddy! I've also come to realize that he gets bored of me! Me and Cole are together 24/7 (Literally, No Joke) And I've realized that recently he gets fussy around me for no reason, at all. And then once my dad or someone else comes in the room he's all smiles and giggles. And I mean its understandable I can't keep him amused 24/7 (No, really) so that makes everything quite hard. It's gotten worse with Daniels working all the time too, the past two weekends he's worked a total of 37 hours!!! I mean 37 hours in the span of 3 days is a little crazy, no?

Cole loves his bath time!! It's awesome! He gets a bath every Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights before bed, which I know seems like a lot, but he just enjoys it so much that I like letting him chill in the water. When he was a newborn and we tried using this tub thing we had it was really difficult because he couldn't hold his head up on his own so it took, Daniel holding his head up the entire time while I washed him, it was a huge ordeal, so we just decided to not use it anymore and we used one of those mesh support things and he was fine with it. But I remembered we had it and totally wanted to try it out now because he's awesome at holding his head up now, and ta-daa he LOVES it! He splashes us and smiles and just really enjoys it, its very cute.

He also went through a little faze a few weeks ago of cooing a gurgling ALL the time, like constantly. And then he stopped completely and barely made noises. But now he's starting again and doing it all the time, it's really funny!! His face gets all concentrated and you can tell he's workin' real hard on getting out the sounds!

I tried adding pictures but it wouldn't work, stupid blogger. Sorry!

Xoxo Meg

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Something new everyday

First off Daniel got a tattoo for Cole yesterday, it's pretty cool. Here's a picture.

It's a tiger with "Bruiser" underneath. I thing the tattoo artist did an awesome job, you can't really tell the detail in my shitty webcam picture but its really original, you don't see many tattoos with this style as well. It has a stencil look to it almost, it's pretty awesome.

Cole's at such a weird age right now, he's in the "inbetween" of being a newborn baby and being a baby who can play with toys and laugh and stuff. Today he made a breakthrough...

Daniel finally got him to grab onto one of his toys! I know it wasn't an accidentental grab like hes done before either, because when his little fingers weren't clasped around the link properly he made a point to re arrange his fingers to hold on to it properly. Followed by him shoving the toy in his mouth, which didn't surprise me because his hands are always in his mouth and I have no doubt that anything he grabs from here on out will be going straight in his mouth as well.

Cole has also done the "almost" laugh squeal for me a few times but Daniels never heard it, but today he did! It's the best thing in the world and I cannot wait until he is full on laughing. It just makes my heart melt.

I've decided I want to do something for Daniel for his birthday, which is on September 27th. Something other than presents which of course I'm doing anyways. So I've decided to plan a smallish get together for him the day before (For friends of his who would want to come I've made a private facebook event about it but may have forgotten some people so let me know if you want to come). It's just going to be something relaxed, not like my old parties, obviously, this one will consist of conversation, beers, bbq, and babies. It's also Cole's four months so it'll be good for the friends who haven't met him yet too finally do so. I'm making an awesome cake, and there will be good food, and good beer, as well as good company. I'm excited for it, hopefully everything works out.

Me and Cole went grocery shopping today, which is always hard for me to do on my own because, I don't have a car, can't use a cart, etc etc the list goes on and on. I have to juggle a basket which ususally means I can't grab as much stuff as needed. I also just hate grocery shopping in general. I can't meal plan so when I go shopping I just grab random stuff, like the stuff I got today consists of, Bacon, Bread, Tortillas, Diapers, Banana Nut Cheerios (mmm my fav right now) 2 Boxes of Skinny Cows, Mustard and Honey...okay the last two are for a chicken dish I'm making tonight so not so random, but EVERYTHING else = random. Oh well.

Trying to post more :)

Here's what Cole looked like today! :) My Baby.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Last Summer Hurrah

I'm up at a family friends cottage right now. On beautiful Lake Muskoka. I've been coming up here since I was about 5 years old, and I'm truly pleased that Cole gets to experience it as well. He may not realize now, but by next summer he'll have a blast I'm sure. For now it's just relaxing on the dock or open porch breathing in the fresh country air while my little monkey sleeps peacefully in my arms.

Cole has been great up here. He slept through the night the first night, and only woke up once last night (which really was 5:30 this morning). It's a little tougher for me because Cole's daddy couldn't make it up for the trip, but I'm enjoying the "just me and him" bonding time.

It's hard to believe this summer is over. It feels like just yesterday that I would skip ahead on my calender in my phone to the beginning of September thinking that this thing growing in my belly would be 3 months old and the weather would be getting colder again. To be completely honest I'm not dreading winter this year. I absolutely love fall and this summer was way to hot and humid. Plus I think Cole will look adorable in a huge puffy snow suit.

For now I'm just enjoying my last summer vaca. Cole just woke up, smiley as ever, had to post a picture of his cuteness. He blew his first raspberry today, I doubt he did it intentionally but it was still very cute.

Make sure to keep checking for Cole's three month video, it should be up within the next couple days!

Bye for now, from me and the munchkin. xox

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Low Down

Alright so I said I would do a post about everything (Cole, me, life, etc) post-partum.

So I'll start with Cole. When he was born he weighed at 9lbs 5oz... crazily enough at his 2 month appointment which was a month ago he weighed 15 lbs 4 oz! Thats almost 6 pounds more then he weighed at birth, thats like a normal sized new born baby almost. Crazyness. He's huge, and so healthy. He lifts his head up, in fact he's been doing it for far too long, he started doing it pretty early. Along with a lot of other things... I know every mother must think this of their child, but he's sooo ahead of the game on EVERYTHING! He already sleeps through the night (mostly), he LOVES to stand using only the support of holding onto my fingers, which lead me to believe that he would LOVE his Jolly Jumper...Oh and does he ever love it. Jolly Jumpers are averaged for babies AT LEAST 3 months old, Cole was only JUST 2 months when we put him in it, but he absolutely adores it.
I remember the first time I woke up in the morning after Cole had slept through the night. I literally freaked out and went to go check if he was still breathing. From before that point he would sleep for a good 4 hour stretch and then he would literally be up ever 2-3 hours. It was a joyus day, I finally got my sleep stretches back...okay not my 10 hour sleep stretches that I was used to when I was younger, but a 8 and a half hour stretch is good enough for me at this point. So for a while I had a routine with him we would do all his pre bed stuff by 10 then I would settle down with him infront of the tv with a bottle ready and watch whatever was on in the 10 Spot on MTV that night, Teen Mom, Real World, Jersey Shore, whatever. And like clock work at about a quarter after he'd start to get a little fussy, so I would give him his 4 oz bottle while he fell asleep in my arms and then by about 10:30 he would be in his crib asleep. And from then on he would sleep until about 7:00.
I then realized that the fact that I either rock him to sleep every night or whatever can't be good for his self-soothing abilities, which I'm a big believer on. So I decided I would start to put him down a little differently. My whole routine changed, he would get a half hour in the jolly jumper to tire him out and my 8:30/9:00 he was in his crib (post-bottle). The first time we did it we decided we would do the 5/10/15 minute rule. Let him cry it out 5 mins the first night, 10 the second and so on and so forth. So on the first night we were like okay 5 minutes and we'll go in and get him, he cried for a while( it seriously seemed like forever) but it was only 3 minutes...then the crying stopped, I went in to check on him and he was OUT. So thats what normally happens now, no more than 5 mins of crying and hes fallen asleep. We're truly blessed with a wonderful baby.

Now about post-partum me. I'm feeling great. I seriously wasn't for the first month and a half after I had him. From the traumatic delivery to other physical stuff I was just not feeling good. On top of that I was having a really hard time breastfeeding. I really wanted to breastfeed it was always something I knew I pictured myself doing as a mother. Let me tell you it's not easy. Maybe it had to do with the fact that we didnt get any bonding time right away, I didnt get to hold Cole until 24 hours after he was born. On top of that my poor baby had a broken arm which I'm sure didnt help him feel comfortable feeding in weird positions so that I didnt squish that arm of his. But in reality everyone I saw about it said I was doing great, his latch was perfect, he was gaining weight, and all that good stuff. But it hurt like hell, I got past the 5 day hump and it still hurt like hell. By the third week I couldnt do it anymore so we started supplementing with formula and I would pump as well. Then eventually we just used formula primarily. I'm happy with my decision and clearly its not affecting Coles growth at all so it's all good.
I've been going to the gym to see a personal trainer after my 8 week post partum doctor appointment gave me the okay to work out. It's hard. I gained ALOT of weight when I was pregnant. Way more then average I believe. I started at about a range from 125 to 130. And by the time I gave birth I was about 185 lbs... Thats a total weight gain of 60 lbs.... that's a friggen 6 year old chils for god sake. But since I'm so young after I gave birth I dropped 40 pounds like nothing. So now I'm about 145 lbs...and my god these last 20 pounds are outrageously difficult to lose. I'll admit I'm not eating the healthiest and I know thats a HUGE part of losing weight... we'll see how everything goes.

Lifes pretty much awesome. I never knew I could feel love like this for another human being. It's seriously amazing. When I hear people say they don't want to have kids.. I don't understand it. If you have the ability to have this amazing gift in your life why would you give it up?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bloggin' Take Two

So I think we all know that my first blog was a COMPLETE failure, so hopefully this one will succed so Cole has a lot of cool stuff to look back on when he's older.

So I'm sitting here in my dinning room, while Cole bounces away in his Jolly Jumper. Man he loves that thing. He's only 11 weeks old and everyone said he's waaaay too young for it. I knew he would adore it too the fullest. He always tries to stand up and if hes fussy and he stands and holds on to my fingers with his hands he immediately becomes coo'y and smiley. He doesn't do much crazyness yet, just enjoys standing, sometimes he'll make really loud noises of pure enjoyment untill I look over or say something back, just too let me know he's still there and having tons of fun! And then every so often he'll go into huge sparatic movements trying to bounce himself around... he's still getting used to it.

Today I went to Yorkdale and bought a bunch of really cute stuff for him from BabyGap. This ADORABLE furry sweater with ears on it... holy crap he looks cute it in. It's weird that I'm buying 3-6 month old clothes for him now. Me and my dad we're just talking about how 3 months doesn't seem like that long, but it's like Cole's been around forever.

So here's a quick update, I'll do a better one later with all my postpartum stuff and how much he's grown since birth etc. But for now it's time for Jersey Shore and then a good nights sleep for my personal training work out session tomorrow.

Love, Meg&Cole(in the flesh now!!!)