Sunday, October 17, 2010

Park, Vlogs and Sweet Potatoes

So, I realize that my consistency in blogging is lacking hardcore. Lifes busy. Cole is awesome!

He's rolling over more and somehow manages to move his head from one end of the crib to the idea how he does that! We went for his 4 month appointment on October 8th, and we found out he weighs 18lbs 7oz which is RIGHT in between what be and Daniel bet on(I said 18lbs 4oz and he said 18lbx 10oz). And he's 26 inches long. He's still a big boy.

We went to the park yesterday for our next door neighbours first birthday! It was a very cute party, of course Cole didn't get to partake in the pizza and cake eating but he did love playing on the swings and things of that sort.

I'm STILL trying to do some vlogs, but I just can't find the time. I really want to do a Nursery video for Cole's room, especially since we may be moving soon I really want Cole to know what his first room looked like. I've also been meaning to just do an update vlog, I got some new subscribers and it really pushed me to do it...but it just hasn't been done YET...

I made Cole his first batch of sweet potato food today. He doesn't really like the rice cereal and I've read up on it and apparently it's not necessary for rice cereal (or another type of cereal) to be their first foods. So today I made him sweet potato, I'm really excited to be making all his baby food myself. I feel like I kinda failed at breastfeeding, and this is something I want to do so he's getting the healthy, natural, organic foods instead of the stuff with added junk. It was very easy to make as well, I just washed and peeled one sweet potato (it's not necissary for me to over make baby foods right now because he's still getting used to it and he's not eating quite so much yet) then i cut it into little chunks and boiled it. After that I cooled them in a dish of cold water (potatoes in a bowl, bowl in dish full of cold water) then put them in the food processor and added some of the water that I boiled them in to make them thinner. After they were a good consistancy I put the mixture into an ice cube tray to freeze. Easy. I want to make all sorts now!!

Love M

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