Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cole's First Cold

My baby's sick! I'm assuming he just caught my two day cold I had last week cause I'm around him 24/7. I'm surprised he hasn't been sick yet because I've been a bunch of times since he was born. He doesn't have a fever or anything like that, just a very very runny and stuffy nose which equals into him not being able to breathe out of his nose and therefore he wont sleep! He's so tired. It's 3:30AM and he's been up for the past couple hours. He's being super cuddly which is cute but once he started blabbing and yelling and laughing at the top of his lungs I was scared he was going to wake up the people living upstaires so I put him back in his crib. He's mellowed out a bit but he's still making little noises. I don't know what I can give him for a stuffed up nose... do they have nasal sprays for babies or something? If anyones reading this and knows let me know... I've tried the aspirator and he was NOT having it. It's the most impossible thing to do in the world on my boy, while I was trying to use it on him it reminded me of the time we were at his pediatricians and I asked the Dr. to check Cole for ear infections (He kept pulling at his ears) and it was nearly IMPOSSIBLE for the Dr. to check. I literally had to pin him down and the Dr. had to hold his head down and he was still squirming like crazy. I got a strong kiddo on my hands!

I was looking at my pregnancy pictures Tonight. It's such a weird thing to see. It was around this time last year when my belly really started to pop out. And I thought I looked HUGE! Then I look at the pictures where I'm like 30+ weeks and it's a whole different story, I am now fully aware as too why countless people asked me if I was carrying twins during my last trimester. I was seriously a whale. I look at the pictures and I'm like really? How did I even sit down???? It's crazy too think that at this time last year he was only the size of a banana!!!
January 31st 2010, 23 weeks.

Love, M

Friday, January 28, 2011

Today my baby is 8 months old...

I cannot believe he is 8 months old already.

Its such a scary thought, he's growing up so fast.

We went out for dinner at Jack Astors today with his Auntie Sarah and good friend Jaimie Angus. He had fun sitting in his highchair, eating crayons instead of drawing on the table, stealing smiles from randoms, eating french fries and pickles! He also ate yummy orange sorbet!

blue eyed baby

Things I want to remember about him in this moment:

The "Guh" noise.
Constant yelling.
Highfives (he really knows how!)
His funny eyebrow movements.
His crazy hair.
We lowered his crib to the lowest setting last week.
Only momma can really make him laugh.
Still loving the peek-a-boos.
Finally got the sippy cup down!
Stands on his own, squats, then stands again. (no help)
....Continues to amaze me every single day.

I love this boy with my whole heart. All of it!

On a side note I decided to do some fun make-up for the dinner and this is what I came up with! I thought it was a good picture!

Love, M

Thursday, January 27, 2011


My laptop has been broken for the past couple months... my dad brought in to get fixed the other day and they said it was a problem with my hardrive, that they would try and recover everything on it... immediately my mind started racing, I had HUNDREDS of photos and a lot of videos of my precious baby, from pictures on the day we found out we were pregnant, to the day my belly popped, and that Friday night when he decided it was time to grace us with his presence... to other things that may not seem as important to some people (his first trip up to the cottage, park play times, bunch of random shots of his beautiful smile) but too me they were everything. I didn't want to even think about it so I pushed it into the back of my mind hoping everything would be okay... hoping that I would get to watch the video of him opening his eyes for the first time, or reminisce looking at the photos of my huge belly, that I would still get to spend hours looking and analyzing every cute, precious picture... because he'll never look the same.

Today my dad dropped off my computer. At first glance I knew some stuff was missing, but I was happy when I opened My Pictures file and staring back at me were a handful of files... Cole May 2010, Cole June 2010, July 2010, August 2010... and then it stopped. Where are his September pictures? The cutest bath pictures I've gotten to date? Or his October pictures? His first halloween as Batman? Or November? ...My first birthday as a mommy...

They were gone.

I quickly went to My Videos and saw that there were only 3 folders looking back at me...

When I thought about losing the videos I had taken of Cole, I just hoped and pleaded that if ANY could be saved it were the ones from his first month or two of life. Daniel took videos of many firsts, first sights, first diaper changes, first breastfeedings, saying goodbye to the NICU and many more... I be heartbroken if I lost those treasures.

Thankfully the 3 folders on the screen were May 2010, June 2010, July 2010... all that had to be there were May and June and I would have been estatic the July videos were just icing on the cake.

I'm extremely sad about the other videos I lost, don't get me wrong, but these ones were the most important too me. I'm happy that I have some of the video footage from the other months in his Monthly Videos.

As for the lost pictures I added most of them onto Facebook so now it's just a matter of going through all my photos and re-saving... but I'll never have all of them back.

Backing-up my files is a MUST now.

Love, M

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So Cole's going to be 8 Months Old tomorrow...just had to interrupt my editing and add this, as I was reading that it seriously gave me chills, how can it be that he's 8 months old already?... and as most of you know I do a video for him every month, including pictures and videos. I've realized that the editing process takes me FOREVER because I seem to take WAY too much footage of my little angel I know I know there can never be too much. So this month I decided to slow it down a little bit and not be too trigger happy with my trusty Sony digital camera and Flip video recorder. Obviously I still have to take a thousand pictures of him with the hopes that maybe one or two wont be blurry or get just the top of his head or only his mouth as he climbs towards me tying to get the pink shiny object. But I realized as I was going through my camera's tonight that I didn't really take that much footage at none. It made me really sad. What was so different during the 8th month of his life where I decided to not record? Nothing. And now that I've realized how guilty I feel of not recording his days with random cute pictures or thousands of videos of me trying to get his cuteness on camera (we all know babies stop what they're doing once a lens hits them) I will definitely start recording as much as I can now.

I've told Daniel I really want a DSLR camera. After realizing my camerawomen downfalls this month I tried to make up for the fact by taking thousands of pictures tonight... ones of him eating his first burger (bite sized pieces of course), playing with his Tickle Me Elmo, trying Lime Juice, splashing around in the bath, and having naked-post-bath play time on his bedroom floor... I came to realize that my camera (which I love soo dearly) takes beautiful pictures with natural light but living in a basement apartment it does NO justice for anyone. So I've decided to try and convince my boyfriend that a new camera is a must for documenting the amazing little things our bruiser does.

Here are some of the pictures that I took today...edited of course...

Love, M

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Life is Busy!

Today I found an amazing blog and it made me sad that I wasn't blogging as much as I initially wanted to. I wanted to start this blog so Cole would have something too look back on when he was older.

When I was growing up I would always LOVE to hear all the funny stories my parents had to tell me about the ridiculous things I did while growing up... I wanted Cole to be able to read all about his life when he was a baby, the things he wouldn't be able to remember... silly tumbles, new adventures, exploring our TINY living room, funny noises, blowing raspberries for 20 minutes straight, crawling like a mad man to get to his daddy when he got home from work... things like that. So I've decided yet AGAIN that I MUST blog as much as I want too!

I'm sitting at my desk watching Cole in the living room, I have the T.V on for him too watch his favorite show, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. How can a 7 and a half month old have a favorite T.V show? They shouldn't even be watching T.V at this age I don't think... But I made the mistake of putting it on once, and seeing the pure joy on his face as they sang the "Hot Dog" song made my heart melt. So now whenever I see that the show's on I put it on for him... he'll watch it intently for a good 5 minutes crawl around and pick something out of his HUGE box of toys then realize it's still playing and become mesmerized by it all over again.

He's officially a Mobile Baby! He goes on crawling rampages throughout our tiny apartment, (I soo need baby gates!!!!) and cruises from one end of our couch to the other, he pulls himself up on our T.V stand and stands directly infront of the T.V looking at his reflection and giggling to himself (Once I actually caught him kissing himself in the T.V!).

He has so many toys in our living room and I try to make a point to pick them all up when the day is done but lets be honest sometimes I just want to relax. So there stays his Tickle Me Elmo which I step on and hear the same annoying laugh a thousand times a day, or the three blue, red, and green wooden balls that he chases around until they roll under the couch out of sight and the little baby piano that he "claps" along to everytime a song plays.

He's such a little wonder this little creature. I love him.

I taught him how to High Five me over the past couple weeks and he actually does it! He's an amazing little boy. I want him to read these blog posts when he's older and understand that I wrote them for him...

For him to have a bunch of distant memories and forgotten videos to remember his Babylife from and to treasure forever.

Love, M