Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Life is Busy!

Today I found an amazing blog and it made me sad that I wasn't blogging as much as I initially wanted to. I wanted to start this blog so Cole would have something too look back on when he was older.

When I was growing up I would always LOVE to hear all the funny stories my parents had to tell me about the ridiculous things I did while growing up... I wanted Cole to be able to read all about his life when he was a baby, the things he wouldn't be able to remember... silly tumbles, new adventures, exploring our TINY living room, funny noises, blowing raspberries for 20 minutes straight, crawling like a mad man to get to his daddy when he got home from work... things like that. So I've decided yet AGAIN that I MUST blog as much as I want too!

I'm sitting at my desk watching Cole in the living room, I have the T.V on for him too watch his favorite show, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. How can a 7 and a half month old have a favorite T.V show? They shouldn't even be watching T.V at this age I don't think... But I made the mistake of putting it on once, and seeing the pure joy on his face as they sang the "Hot Dog" song made my heart melt. So now whenever I see that the show's on I put it on for him... he'll watch it intently for a good 5 minutes crawl around and pick something out of his HUGE box of toys then realize it's still playing and become mesmerized by it all over again.

He's officially a Mobile Baby! He goes on crawling rampages throughout our tiny apartment, (I soo need baby gates!!!!) and cruises from one end of our couch to the other, he pulls himself up on our T.V stand and stands directly infront of the T.V looking at his reflection and giggling to himself (Once I actually caught him kissing himself in the T.V!).

He has so many toys in our living room and I try to make a point to pick them all up when the day is done but lets be honest sometimes I just want to relax. So there stays his Tickle Me Elmo which I step on and hear the same annoying laugh a thousand times a day, or the three blue, red, and green wooden balls that he chases around until they roll under the couch out of sight and the little baby piano that he "claps" along to everytime a song plays.

He's such a little wonder this little creature. I love him.

I taught him how to High Five me over the past couple weeks and he actually does it! He's an amazing little boy. I want him to read these blog posts when he's older and understand that I wrote them for him...

For him to have a bunch of distant memories and forgotten videos to remember his Babylife from and to treasure forever.

Love, M

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