Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So Cole's going to be 8 Months Old tomorrow...just had to interrupt my editing and add this, as I was reading that it seriously gave me chills, how can it be that he's 8 months old already?... and as most of you know I do a video for him every month, including pictures and videos. I've realized that the editing process takes me FOREVER because I seem to take WAY too much footage of my little angel I know I know there can never be too much. So this month I decided to slow it down a little bit and not be too trigger happy with my trusty Sony digital camera and Flip video recorder. Obviously I still have to take a thousand pictures of him with the hopes that maybe one or two wont be blurry or get just the top of his head or only his mouth as he climbs towards me tying to get the pink shiny object. But I realized as I was going through my camera's tonight that I didn't really take that much footage at none. It made me really sad. What was so different during the 8th month of his life where I decided to not record? Nothing. And now that I've realized how guilty I feel of not recording his days with random cute pictures or thousands of videos of me trying to get his cuteness on camera (we all know babies stop what they're doing once a lens hits them) I will definitely start recording as much as I can now.

I've told Daniel I really want a DSLR camera. After realizing my camerawomen downfalls this month I tried to make up for the fact by taking thousands of pictures tonight... ones of him eating his first burger (bite sized pieces of course), playing with his Tickle Me Elmo, trying Lime Juice, splashing around in the bath, and having naked-post-bath play time on his bedroom floor... I came to realize that my camera (which I love soo dearly) takes beautiful pictures with natural light but living in a basement apartment it does NO justice for anyone. So I've decided to try and convince my boyfriend that a new camera is a must for documenting the amazing little things our bruiser does.

Here are some of the pictures that I took today...edited of course...

Love, M

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