Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bloggin' Take Two

So I think we all know that my first blog was a COMPLETE failure, so hopefully this one will succed so Cole has a lot of cool stuff to look back on when he's older.

So I'm sitting here in my dinning room, while Cole bounces away in his Jolly Jumper. Man he loves that thing. He's only 11 weeks old and everyone said he's waaaay too young for it. I knew he would adore it too the fullest. He always tries to stand up and if hes fussy and he stands and holds on to my fingers with his hands he immediately becomes coo'y and smiley. He doesn't do much crazyness yet, just enjoys standing, sometimes he'll make really loud noises of pure enjoyment untill I look over or say something back, just too let me know he's still there and having tons of fun! And then every so often he'll go into huge sparatic movements trying to bounce himself around... he's still getting used to it.

Today I went to Yorkdale and bought a bunch of really cute stuff for him from BabyGap. This ADORABLE furry sweater with ears on it... holy crap he looks cute it in. It's weird that I'm buying 3-6 month old clothes for him now. Me and my dad we're just talking about how 3 months doesn't seem like that long, but it's like Cole's been around forever.

So here's a quick update, I'll do a better one later with all my postpartum stuff and how much he's grown since birth etc. But for now it's time for Jersey Shore and then a good nights sleep for my personal training work out session tomorrow.

Love, Meg&Cole(in the flesh now!!!)

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michelle said...

this is so cuteee <3