Saturday, December 18, 2010


On November 30th December 1st around 2 or 3 in the morning while Cole was screaming in my arms and I had absolutely NO idea what was wrong with him I gave him my finger to suck on as there were no pacifiers near me and they usually do the job of calming him down. That's when I felt it. His First Tooth! It's the left one of the middle two on the bottom. I was so excited! It automatically countered my frustration because I was so thrilled that my little baby had reached the milestone of getting his first tooth.

...Now how many more to go? How many more sleepless nights? How many more faces of disgust from Cole when I put Ora-gel on his gums?

Now almost two weeks later, it's VERY visible, part me is so sad that he wont have that ADORABLE gumless grin, but the other part can just picture him smiling with a mouth full of teeth and that sounds just as good too me.

Also a crawling update is mandatory, and I wish I could say he's mastered it... but he hasn't! HE IS SO CLOSE THOUGH! He totally gets how to move his legs (sometimes while up on his feet) but he can't figure out why he wont move forward ... and it's because his hands are firmly placed in front of him for support with no intention of moving. So he does this thing now where he just lunges forward, it kind of looks like he's doing a weird version of the worm. It gets him from the boring end of my living room to the other side which has the huge TV screen and green lights from the satellite box, Xbox360 ... so I don't think he's complaining.

Love, M

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