Monday, November 29, 2010

Today I have a 6 month old...

It's so crazy. Six months gone by already! It really freaked me out when I reailzed and now I'm even more inclined to do blog and vlog updates on the regular just so I have more too look back on once Cole's all grown up.

It's crazy to think that in another 6 months he's going to be a 1 year old, toddling about and saying mama and dada and who knows what else.

I think he'll be crawling by Christmas, at least I hope so. I really want Coles first Christmas to be special so even though we live in a basement apartment with low ceilings I wanna get the best tree. Christmas is sooo soon! I'm so not ready. I'm never ready for it. Christmas shopping is always so hard, on me as well as my wallet. This year will be even more crazy. I had trouble last year walking around the crowded malls with pregnancy fatigue and whatever else I was going through that day, that seems like a piece of cake compared to steering a huge stroller through a crowded mall of insane shoppers. Maybe I'll do all my Christmas shopping online? I don't even know if that would be easier to be honest.

Picture from last Christmas, look at that little baby bump (And little Christmas Tree that I carried home on the subway myself!)

Anyways 6 month video is on it's way, I'm having some technically difficulties getting some videos onto Daniels Mac...I'm a PC-Girl...and a Mac-Retard, so it's taking some getting used too!

Love M

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d said...

i love you did you know that
we will get a good tree