Saturday, November 27, 2010

The honeymoon is over...

For the first 4 and a half months of Cole's life all I did was boast about how good a baby he was! "He ALREADY sleeps through the night..." "He NEVER cries..." etc. etc. etc... Then things changed.

Around the time that we moved into our new house, and I'd love to blame it on a change in environment, but lets be honest here I definetly noticed a change before. For a while he was going to bed around 8:00pm every night and he'd pretty much stay in his crib, aside from the one or two feedings until about 10:00am (I know I had a baby who LOVES to sleep in, he's definitely my baby) But now it's in bed at 9:00, up at 11:30 for a couple hours then FINALLY down to sleep at 1 am! It's crazy! And let me tell you getting him to sleep is not a walk in the park either.

He does this thing now where he rubs his eyes when he's tired, a clear sign he wants a nap or wants to go to sleep. But does he follow through when I put him in his crib, of course not. He rolls onto his belly and starts CRYING! He hasn't quite figured out how to roll back onto his tummy yet so he can't roll back, but honestly even if he did know how I don't think he would do it. He does it for the attention I've realized because when I walk into his nursery with the sounds of ear piercing screams overflowing from inside, this is what I walk into...

Now don't get me wrong I'm not saying he's the WORST baby but he definitely gives me a headache...EVERY night now, but I have to admit walking into his nursery and seeing a HUGE smile on his face makes me smile every time and forget how frustrated I am that I have to go into his room and flip him over every 10 minutes. Daniel thinks we should let him cry it out, I refuse. I can't listen to him cry for longer then 5 minutes, it literally eats away at me.

On a happier note I think he will be crawling within weeks! He's so close! Sometimes when I go into his room and he's on his belly he's in the crawling stance! He's just gotta figure out how to move.

Oh how I love this little munchkin.

Love, M

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