Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Something new everyday

First off Daniel got a tattoo for Cole yesterday, it's pretty cool. Here's a picture.

It's a tiger with "Bruiser" underneath. I thing the tattoo artist did an awesome job, you can't really tell the detail in my shitty webcam picture but its really original, you don't see many tattoos with this style as well. It has a stencil look to it almost, it's pretty awesome.

Cole's at such a weird age right now, he's in the "inbetween" of being a newborn baby and being a baby who can play with toys and laugh and stuff. Today he made a breakthrough...

Daniel finally got him to grab onto one of his toys! I know it wasn't an accidentental grab like hes done before either, because when his little fingers weren't clasped around the link properly he made a point to re arrange his fingers to hold on to it properly. Followed by him shoving the toy in his mouth, which didn't surprise me because his hands are always in his mouth and I have no doubt that anything he grabs from here on out will be going straight in his mouth as well.

Cole has also done the "almost" laugh squeal for me a few times but Daniels never heard it, but today he did! It's the best thing in the world and I cannot wait until he is full on laughing. It just makes my heart melt.

I've decided I want to do something for Daniel for his birthday, which is on September 27th. Something other than presents which of course I'm doing anyways. So I've decided to plan a smallish get together for him the day before (For friends of his who would want to come I've made a private facebook event about it but may have forgotten some people so let me know if you want to come). It's just going to be something relaxed, not like my old parties, obviously, this one will consist of conversation, beers, bbq, and babies. It's also Cole's four months so it'll be good for the friends who haven't met him yet too finally do so. I'm making an awesome cake, and there will be good food, and good beer, as well as good company. I'm excited for it, hopefully everything works out.

Me and Cole went grocery shopping today, which is always hard for me to do on my own because, I don't have a car, can't use a cart, etc etc the list goes on and on. I have to juggle a basket which ususally means I can't grab as much stuff as needed. I also just hate grocery shopping in general. I can't meal plan so when I go shopping I just grab random stuff, like the stuff I got today consists of, Bacon, Bread, Tortillas, Diapers, Banana Nut Cheerios (mmm my fav right now) 2 Boxes of Skinny Cows, Mustard and Honey...okay the last two are for a chicken dish I'm making tonight so not so random, but EVERYTHING else = random. Oh well.

Trying to post more :)

Here's what Cole looked like today! :) My Baby.

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Anonymous said...

aww nice posts! wish i could come to pow's bday and see ya'll. cole is getting so big so fast. nice tatty too! cole's so sweet. xoxox. hahaha i love your grocery list mega. but its working out, the baby buddha turned out good. things are lookin' up! hahahah

- Dorea