Monday, July 4, 2011


I know I'm due for an update, my son is ONE after all and I havent updated in a few months. I had kind of given up on my blog because my laptop broke AGAIN and I hate using Daniels MAC for blogging and picture I refuse. But it's summertime and I'm up at that beautiful cottage on Lake Muskoka that I talked about here and after re-reading the blog and realizing how LITTLE he is there, I wanted to update with some new pictures from up here. I do have my dslr but I forgot my cord to connect it to a computer but I did take some pictures on this snazzy new laptop that Lorna has.

There we are sitting on the exact same couch but this time...

My hair is brown
Cole is walking and talking like crazy, and really enjoys yogurt fruit popsicles.

Gunna add pictures from my camera once I get home.

Love it up here.

Love, M

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