Friday, February 4, 2011

February? What?

It's February already. I sorta just realized.

How crazy.

Time goes by super fast, I never really realized how fast until I watched this little thing grow and change so quickly. It feels like I just blinked and all of a sudden my newborn baby with a huge cast on his left arm turned into a exuberant, curious, little boy with so much character and personality.

I can't remember what it was like before he could sit up on his own. It hasn't even been that long. I'm starting to belive everyone now when they say to cherish these moments because before you know it he's gonna be a back talking, teenager! And we all know if Cole's teenage years are anything like mine or Daniels (god I hope not) he's gonna be a troublemaker to say the least. Karma baby. I'm sure I'll get what I deserve after putting my parents through what I did when I was younger.

We had to get Cole a new snow suit because he's outgrown a total of 3 snowsuits this winter. Holy this boy just keeps growing and growing. The last snow suit we had fit him perfect...except the legs and arms were WAY to short. So last night Daniel went out and got him snow pants instead of a full on snow suit. He has a little winter bomber style jacket so I figure he'll be just as warm. They're the kinda snow pants that look like overalls. So cute. I didn't even know they made snow pants like that for babies. Although it is a 12 month (Medium) size so I guess clothing wise he's not really a baby anymore, more like a toddler (woah). Anyways super good deal on these snow pants, originally they were like $50 and we got them for $6 (yes SIX DOLLARS). Crazy I know. I guess everythings going on sale now because SPRING IS ALMOST HERE! Yay I'm so happy I can say that now.

Love, M


Darcy said...

love the hoodie stripey too :-)! AND my little guy's middle name is Cole so of course I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

Megarodd said...

Aw thank you